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 We participated at the following festivals in Russia and abroad:


2008. Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio Forum. Diploma.Participant of the competition program.

2009. Third National Student Film Festival in Samara "8 1/2". Winner.


From 2008 to 2009. assistance in registration of a record in the "Guinness Book of Records Russia"and "Guinness Book of Records". Video filming and formal procedures. (TV stories for: "Mobail Reporter", "Russia", "Russia Today", "NТV")


2010. 50th Television Film Festival in Monaco. Participant of the competition program. Environmental Festival in Hong Kong in 2010. Participant of the competition program.

2011. The first youth festival "We will Live!". Participant of the competition program.


2012. 26 - 30 s eptember "Artkino" 5th Festival. The competition program of short films of runtime up to 5 minutes - Film "Inseparable". "Education TV" and  "Style TV" on the festival. 19 - 20 november "Country" National Award, "The Calling" nomination. Film "A studio on a river bank".


2013. 16 - 20 october XI International festival of military movies named after Yuri Ozerov. Member of the competition program. 31st. october  the show in Moscow cinema "Torch". 12 December. Show in Odessa Nautical School named A.I. Marinesko.

2014. The shows in Moscow: February 21, "DK Zelenograd", 7 March and 14 May cinema "Saturn". Animation "The Birth of Silence". The film "Аsfalt" participant three festivals.
Short film "Provocator" Prize-winner ofBrief Encounters on Vyatka”and “Moscow Stars festivals. Winner of ISFF - 2014 Internet Festival.


2015. May 26 - 28, Festival of Russian Youth Cinematography in Belgrade (Serbia). The shows in Moscow: July - "Illusion", November - "Central House of Journalists"."Bora-Bora", "Bora-Bora BackStage", “How to find an ideal woman”,"Backstage of an ideal woman".

2016. March 4 - 8, "The Birth of Silence" animation film - program of "Vkratc!". International Competition (Volgograd, Russia). March 30 - Aprel 3, "Bora-Bora" shot feature film  - competition participant of "Independent Days International Filmfest" (Karlsruhe, Germany).

 2017. August  24-27, the film of animation is finalist Festival "IndiWise" (Miami, Florida). The film of animation is demi-finalist: Caribbian film festival, CineFest Los Angeles (USA), Festival International AnimaSyros + Agora. The film animation is participant of program competition: AFC Global Fest (Kolkata, India, 3 november), Everyday Arias (Bristol, Britan, 23 october). The 70th Cannes Film Festival show film "Mudhal Padayal".

In the Big Short Film Festival Los Angeles we are paticipants of jury.

Some of our works:

Дайверси, Ашан, Рэдиссон Блю,  Идальго, Альфа, Инстинкт Красоты, Асфальт, Провокатор, Море Суши, Триал, Ролики, СТИ, Банк, Бобры в Подмосковье, Некоторые любят погорячее, Поездка к морю, Спорт ты Жизнь, Мемо, Вера, Неразлучные, (“Alpha”,  “Beauty Instinct”, “Provocator", "Asfalt", "Sea of Sushi”, “Trial”, “Roller Skates”,  “STI”, “Bank”, “Beavers near Moscow”, “Some Like it Hot”, “A Trip to the Sea”, “Sports you are Life”, “Memo”, “Vera Means Faith”, “Inseparable”)



Participation in filming of movies, TV series, commercials: Movies: "Hicks", "Velis", "Words and Music", "Designer", "ARTkino". Advertising: "Carlsberg", "Orbit", "Faberlic", "Happy Milkman". TV series: "Dear Masha Berezina", "The Return of Mukhtar 2", "Airport", "Love is Love". Filming at Cinema Club "ARTkino".


Cooperation with Moscow and national TV channels: "Trust", "Capital City", "Zelenograd TV", "SGU TV", "NTV", "1", "2", "Russia Today".