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Film Oscar is a team of professionals. We can offer you high-quality video production, such as video clips, presentations, cartoons, educational and corporate films. Commercials, video and music clips can be of any content, permitted by the the legislation, of course.

They will reflect all that concerns you, your personal life or the life of your business. They will attract customers, enhance the prestige, will keep a pleasant event and make it memorable for long. Besides, it is an excellent form of a progress report.

Videos and movies are easy to use and store, compact and spacious, intelligently and beautifully designed, they present the information easily and clearly. They can be easily distributed at trade shows and talks, sent to friends and relatives, posted on the Internet and so on.

Film Oscar wishes you to get pleasant emotions at work and at holiday, to conquer any peaks bravely, to achieve goals and to take only good aim! Have a broader look of the world and you will see the bright sides of it that we will be able to capture for you!

The budget of corporate, presentation, training, advertising, music film defines script, presence or absence of sophisticated computer graphics, the number of shooting days and locations (places and points of filming).


We offer you making copies of the film. You may need them at the show, seminar, business meeting. It’s convenient for employees of the company to use discs in their daily work, to give their customers and partners as gifts.